Tenancy Advice

We have skills in relation to agricultural tenancies, whether they are under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 or the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995.
We provide advice to both landlords and tenants on the content of tenancy agreements on first letting, various matters which occur during a tenancy and matters at termination.  We undertake tenant right valuations at the commencement and termination of tenancies and rental negotiations as well as successions.

What we offer

  • Rent Reviews for both 1986 Act Tenancies, Farm Business Tenancies
  • Farm Business Tenancies (FBT’s)
  • Letting out cottages and houses
  • Contract Farming Agreements
  • Grazing and cropping Licences
  • Share Farming Agreements
  • Completing Tenders for land, farms and residential properties

Farm Business Tenancies

These are becoming more popular for a number of reasons where new farmers or expanding agricultural businesses take on bare land or farms, retiring or absentee landowners looking to mitigate Inheritance Tax.

Letting Residential Properties

It is important to have the right Agreement in place for the right purpose. We would be happy to advise on this matter.

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Morris & Russell
The Estate Office
Primrose Cottage

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